light up rotary

Windsor & Celle Lighting Up Rotary

Windsor & Eton Rotary Club hosted Rotarians from Celle, Germany for the weekend 26th – 28th September 2014

The Rotary theme for this year, set by RI President Gary C.K. Huang from the Rotary Club of Taipei, Taiwan is “Light Up Rotary”. The aim is to put a spotlight on different things that we do as Rotarians to show how we make a difference… encouraging others to see the light and join us.

presidents meet deputy mayor of windsor

Adrian Stabbins, who heads up our club’s International committee and therefore arranges the visits from our twinned clubs in Germany & Holland, decided to welcome our Celle visitors with afternoon tea & scones and a visit from the Deputy Mayor of Windsor, Councillor James Evans. Practising for the Christmas lights he lit up Rotary…

mayor lights up rotary

Peter was my guest and so it made sense to light him up talking to the Deputy Mayor 😉

peter and the deputy mayor

After tea and too many scones it was over to President Geoff’s to light up the barbe!

drinks at geoffs

Chap in the blue t-shirt who lit the BBQ was William & Harry’s house chef at Eton College!

did you enjoy the salmon

Put the spot light on a Royal Warrant, saddler to the Queen… which one of the blue shirts is our man?

bbq at geoffs adrian eating again

David talks about one of his favourite things, lighting up a hog roast!

wheres king geoff

Apparently there is a difference between those who go to college “in” Oxford and those that are “at” Oxford…

oxford bus in oxford

I can understand why the town folk might want to light up a few masters if that was their attitude back in 1500…

oxford university tour

The Oxford Martyrs lit up Oxford one starry night…

the oxford martyrs

This weekend our Presidents lit up Oxford with their smiles 😉

presidents in oxford not at oxford

Some great architecture in Oxford… the Bodleian library…

oxford university buildings

Sir Christopher Wren designed this building… The Sheldonian Theatre…

oxford university open door

Not keen on too many pillars blocking the view our Christopher Wren…

oxford university christopher wren

We got some Oxford students to light up their degrees for our German friends 😉

oxford university students

Interesting busts around the college…

oxford university heads will roll

Time for lunch at the King’s Arms…

oxford pub lunch

Bridge of Sighs…

oxford university bridge

Bodleian library on the left… Clarendon Building to the right…

oxford university bodleian

New College Oxford University Chapel…

new college oxford quad

David Pope told us a story of how the best place he found to study was under the tree…

new college oxford chapel gardens

Just look at the carvings of the saints in the Chapel…

new college oxford chapel

William of Wykeham was the founder of New College…

new collge oxford founder

New College gardens…

new college pyramid

Looking back on New College…

new college oxford

The city wall of Oxford acts as a garden wall today… and a divide between town & gown back in the day!

new college oxford celle rotarians

President Geoff was inspecting the lead work…

lead inspection new college oxford

Time for a drink at The Christopher, Eton

cheers celle christopher eton drinks

cheers celle christopher eton beers


Followed by a spot of dinner…

cheers celle christopher eton dinner

Cheers, prost, cheers, prost and again cheers, prost 😉

cheers celle president christopher eton

cheers celle christopher eton

cheers to celle christopher eton

How about bobbing about on the water…

lady elizabeth kris cruisers

Celle Rotarians light up The Thames at 5 mph thanks to Kris Cruisers…

celle rotarians enjoy a boat trip

There are many traditional cottages in Windsor Great Park…

cottages in windsor park

Arriving back at Kris Cruisers in Datchet for lunch…

lady elizabeth heads home

A fond farewell… till next time…

fond farewell to celle rotarians

Auf Wiedersehen pet!

Auf Wiedersehen pet

What a lovely weekend… now time for a kip!

Thank you for making a sunny weekend even brighter!


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