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That’s it Vodafone are OUT… 3 are IN…

Today was the final nail in the coffin for my 10+ year relationship with Vodafone when I couldn’t get a signal in Windsor town centre and needed to make an important call!

windsor shops and castle

Vodafone really don’t seem interested in customer service… they’ve paid no attention to 12 months of regular complaints by twitter… best they can do is to respond 3 hours after my tweet with go to this page and fill in a form… NO, I’m telling you by tweet, you fill in the damn form!

It feels like 50% of the time I can’t get a signal from my own home… that is unacceptable in 2014… my interpretation of their total lack of feedback & action is, “We’re really not interested… people keep signing up because we spend money on F1 not on customer service!”

It’s OK folks… Vodafone can’t hear me but Sean at 3 was only too happy to help out offering me what I needed when he understood my requirements.

I’m just reading Vernon W Hill II’s book “FANS!” He knows what customer service is all about… Tom Peters liked his book so much he wrote the foreword!

metro bank windsor helping hand

Vernon launched Metro Bank in the UK. Last week the staff at Metro Windsor helped me out when I returned from a busy day at Olympia to be greeted by no signal, yet again!

Enough’s enough… farewell Vodafone… hello 3!

Share your mobile phone pain below…

Thank you.

07717 820823

4 thoughts on “That’s it Vodafone are OUT… 3 are IN…

  1. Classic stuff when a company gets too big to deal with the small details…or customers….but don’t think that 3 are all chocolates and roses – I know several people who have had problems with 3 as well. Good luck!!


  2. I use two phones. One is with EE and the other with 3. I am happy with both companies. However I and others find the signal in Windsor very poor. I can only comment on my own experience with EE and 3 and both provide poor signal and 4G strength in certain area’s of Windsor.


  3. Jon,
    Welcome aboard.
    I dumped Vodafone for 3 many years ago now.
    Read the “DNA of Customer Experience” – How Emotions Drive Value. by Colin Shaw if you enjoyed Mr Hill’s book. I think you’ll enjoy. Look out for me in it, I helped him write this Amazon best seller…..


  4. I too left Vodafone after they tried to hit me with a bill for £200 after I returned a new phone in their pre-paid pre-addressed envelope within the allotted time for changing my mind. Apparently I’d sent it to the wrong place, despite the fact that they had printed the address on the envelope themeselves. They refused to acknowledge my proof of posting as it was printed double sided and their ‘system’ can only deal with single sided documents. It took an email to the CEO to eventually get the farce sorted after about three months of them sending threatening letters. I suspect many other, possibly more vulnerable, people would have ended up paying rather than fighting it.

    Good luck with 3 – I hope they continue to give good customer service.


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