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How do you FARM your business network?

Do you find the modern world of sales & marketing a little daunting? Struggle to see the value of social media?

Would you like an experienced farmer to show you how to navigate the terrain and help get you started? How about one with 10,000 virtual hectares of connectivity in the Berkshire area? Could I help you sift the wheat from the proverbial chaff?

Here are four important ingredients that will help make you a great digital farmer…

FINDING YOU – Do you love what you do?

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Bryan McCrae tells us that we need to be intrinsically motivated & resilient… this means unless we love what we do we’re not going to be determined enough to get back up when we get knocked down… if we love what we do then there will be no stopping us from bouncing back onto our feet and spreading the love 😉

ADDING SOCIAL CONFIDENCE – Coaching & training

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You should look at each social platform and consider how it might be useful to you in either finding prospects or making them aware of you.

Learn the basics of how to work each platform so to get the digital monkey off you back… you can then discuss with others how they are using LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, et al.

RESEARCH PROSPECTS – Say hello to a few strangers…

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Go and find the digital footprints of the perfect clients and work out how you might say hello to them via social channels or more traditional means.

LinkedIn is especially powerful for this as it is used by many as a recruitment tool… ambitious people would be silly not to have at least a basic profile on LinkedIn as everyone wants to say they have been “Head Hunted” for a role!

MARKETING – Help your prospect find you…

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In the good old days when people talked to each other face to face, word of mouth was the best marketing tool and still can be…

Today many buyers will decide what they want and then go searching for it online… so you need to have a strong digital footprint which allows people to find you through their favourite social channel… they can then say hello to you… marvellous!

If you’d like some help working out how, what, when, where, who then give me a call, email or tweet me 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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