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Will Social Media bring Sales & Marketing Closer Together?

The Berkshire Blog is looking to help bring Sales & Marketing together this autumn…

For millennia, or since marketing was invented, there has been constant battling between sales & marketing on what is the right way to do anything, the other always being wrong! Sales naturally came first with Eve selling Adam on the apple… OK so the snake added a bit of marketing into the mix 😉

Does Social Media offer us that chalice from which both can drink to create a common bond, a meeting of minds, a union of resources which will lead to celebrations across the land?

We’d like to talk to Sales Directors, Marketing Directors and those with duel capacity about how they are working with social media to drive business through their physical or virtual doors… we’ll then bring those stories to your in box through The Berkshire Blog.

Many small business owners keep hearing stories of how the corporations are making hay on social and want a slice for themselves, but how? Obviously the PR companies focus in on the 1 agency project that worked and not on the 99 that didn’t…

We can learn from all the experiences of others, both good and bad… I’d like said Sales & Marketing Directors to step forward and volunteer to be counted… which means only the bravest, most dashingly handsome / beautiful on the inside examples of man / woman kind will step forward since this will involve pictures & more than likely video being shot to capture the full story… so the true you will shine from within for all to see… come on, you know you want to…

Any thoughts and opinions on why Sales & Marketing have struggled to get along? And how they might find some common ground? Do share below…

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Will Social Media bring Sales & Marketing Closer Together?

  1. Hi Jon

    Increasingly the expectation of marketing effort is to drive lead generation I know it always has been but I think the expectation is higher now. ROI comes up every time. My view is that the marketing should primarily act as a way of increasing awareness which then enables sales to go in and close deals. I went to a great free event that 5 g communications did recently and they focused on the selling process as well as the systems that will ensure you measure and manage your selling activity. Happy to participate. I think we should do a joint event with sales and marketing specialists and invite people along to talk.




  2. There was a great book published several years ago by Terry G Vavra – “Aftermarketing”. In this he argued that in many instances Marketing should be aligned with Customer Service rather than Sales! In essence Marketing perhaps need to focus more on “keeping” customers rather than “Acquiring” new ones. Insurance Companies and Utilities please take note!


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