twitter review on twitter and on crowdpatch

Reviewing the Chat on Twitter & CrowdChat

Yesterday I took part in a Twitter Chat #SalesEU and the conversation flowed for the hour… an excellent conversation BUT…

Problem is, for someone who likes to listen to what others have to say, the chance to review after would be nice… in the heat of the moment all you can really do is consider your answer to the question being asked, post it and find the next question to respond to… what I’d really like to do is respond based on all the information to hand but time doesn’t allow my brain to process the information that quick.

For those of you unsure what a Twitter Chat is… a time slot is set, say 1 hour on a Thursday afternoon… a # hash tag is chosen that fits the topic… the organiser tweets out to the world it will be happening… reminds regulars… and at the appointed hour a series of say 9 questions are asked… one every 5 minutes or so… those listening in respond using the # and if it’s a response to Q1, they say A1 #topic I think…

With questions coming thick and fast it’s always good to review the responses but if you spend time reading what others have said before you respond then 15 minutes will go by and you’ll miss the next 2 questions!

Last month I ran a Twitter Chat using a tool called CrowdChat… it allows you to log in using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and then post your response under the relevant question… it then holds on to that information so that you can easily review the information the next day, week or year without missing a beat.

twitter review on twitter and on crowdpatch

Trying to review yesterday’s chat today, I can see 10 or what will have been 500 comments made during the hour… the single column to the left of the image above.

The three columns to the right are the responses saved to a single question posted last month during our CrowdChat… you can review similar responses to all the questions posted… a total of 305 posts were made & this document has been viewed 1,589 times… a much more deep and meaningful experience post event.

About time I came up with a topic for a follow up CrowdChat… do you have an idea for a conversation we could host?

Thank you.


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