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Thoughts, Feelings & Activities in Selling

The thoughts we have make us feel a certain way and determine the actions that we take… so having more positive thoughts is going to make us feel great, take more positive actions and sell more.

If only it was that easy!  Whether you need to dig yourself or your team out of a hole or are looking to go from good to great, with a little help form Bryan McCrae’s award winning Sales Motivations Programme and some regular practice from you & your team, your targets will be much less challenging as thoughts, feelings & activities change for the better.

The program has been fully evaluated in two major multi-national corporations, one of which involved a sales force of over 1000 people. Results achieved include;

  • 20% growth in the number of salespeople ‘on target’
  • 30% growth in sales activity (face to face meetings)
  • 66% reduction in staff turnover
  • 27% improvement in ability to cope well with pressure

enhance your sales success thoughts feelings and actions

The approach mixes e-learning with class room workshops and 121 coaching.  Now it could be that as a Sales Director, you have managers who are coaching the team day to day.  They could use this program both as a resource for their own development as well as a coaching framework for their team.

Take the first step now and take a look under the bonnet to see how it can help to take the pressure off your own time by offering an online coaching tool that your team members can dip into as they feel they need to keep on top of their game.

introduction to programme objectives sales-motivations e-learning programme

The program is both very easy to use and engaging, … from the objectives to engaging with the different characters that are featured in the programme… the whole programme has also has a voice over, so you don’t have to read it for yourself, you can just listen… allowing the participant to choose how they engage with the programme… addressing all learning stytles.

You follow the ups and downs of three sales characters in videos throughout the program.

Ben is a new entrepreneur who doesn’t understand why there isn’t a queue of customers clamouring to buy his services.

sales-motivations video footage of characters ben entrepreneur

Kate is a friendly, bubbly, new starter in telesales, but it just isn’t going well for her selling solar heating.

sales-motivations video footage of characters kate new to telesales

John used to be the star salesman, but he lost his largest account and now he has a new boss who he thinks isn’t old enough to have left school yet.

sales-motivations video footage of characters john career sales executive

The interactive programme is broken down into bite sized chunks, used over a period of six weeks, with lots of opportunities to practise the tools and techniques online and in real life sales situations.

sales-motivations step by step guide

It helps anyone in sales identify and replace their less helpful  habits and behaviour, gradually helping them learn to fine tune how they think and behave to become more consistently highly motivated, more resilient to set backs and to achieve more successful results more of the time.

sales-motivations coaching

Long term learning is reinforced with quizzes during the module and assignments used at the end which require participants to take some real life action in their day to day selling activities, over a period of time before moving onto the next module… there are six modules in total and the program comes with a money back guarantee that positive measurable results will be achieved.

sales-motivations questions asked during the process

As well as the online content, there is a fifty page workbook, the ‘Blueprint for Success’ that acts as an aide memoir and is used with the tasks and activities in the program.

sales-motivations assignments along the way

Imagine what this would do for your revenue, costs and profitability? Those targets would be smashed… all your team would be smiling, not just the usual few…

In this article, “What are the secret ingredients of sales success?” Bryan talks about how the best sales people are both intrinsically motivated & resilient… meaning that if folk love what they do they are going to bounce back quicker from any set backs & get back on target sooner rather than never…

Watch this video of Bryan in action at Sales Innovation Expo 2014, if you like his style and think he could help you move your team on to greater things, then simply reply to this email giving Bryan a brief insight into your world and he’ll contact you within 48 hours…

sales motivations login details

How about a 5 minute phone conversation with Bryan in the next week or so?

If you are serious about boosting sales performance, we look forward to hearing from you.

Jon Davey
Social Media Director
Sales Motivations

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