windsor boys school careers fair

Student Engagement Career’s Day Windsor Boys’ School

This morning I’m one of 20 companies taking part in Windsor Boys’ School Careers Day

Reflecting on what I can do for them… I could just give them a pile of answers… or I could get them to think for themselves… see what they can offer >>>

werotary advent calendar champagne banner


  • How do we use social media to drive more sales of the advent calendar?
  • Which social channels would you use?
  • What would you say?

Metro Bank in town will be stocking them.

crowd funding crowd patch


Crowd funding allows people to raise money from their projects. These can be business or community related. Possibly…

  • A great new business idea that needs a few hundred pounds to produce its first batch of products.
  • A local community group may need some equipment, what do they need, what will it cost, what can you give to donors?

Do you know anyone with an idea or a group that needs some help?

These are current, real projects I am working on… if you have any thoughts or ideas around this then feel free to communicate with me and do pass this flyer onto your parents as they may know organisations that could benefit. Thank you.

E: T: @windsordaily M: 07717 820823

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