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Your Mindberg and how it can help your messaging

We’ve all heard the analogy of the mind being like an iceberg – 10% is knowable and 90% resides below the surface.

The thing is, if you think of conscious thoughts as being the breeze that blows on the 10% above the surface and your beliefs, values and programming being the current that pushes against the 90% – it’s easy to understand where most of your influence lies. (And that’s the same for your prospects too.)

If your thoughts and beliefs/values aren’t in alignment you will experience a fair degree of friction trying to reach your goals – including in business.

What’s that got to do with messaging?

Ideally, it’s probable that you want to attract clients that have the same beliefs and values that you have. So it’s important that you know and understand your own so you can identify, then speak, to theirs.

Incongruency between your message and your prospect’s values will create a barrier to purchase EG: If you were a financial advisor and the messaging on your ads or website or what you said to prospects was: “I can help you shaft the taxman and keep more of your profits”, even if you did it legally, if your prospect’s values included honesty, trust, social responsibility etc. then your message would sound devious, underhand, even dishonest to them because of the wording in your message.

Review your messaging and ensure it speaks to your ideal prospect’s own beliefs and values.

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