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An accountant with 2 ears & 1 mouth please…

Salesmen used to get ribbed for trying to sell without listening and the old bulls would say you need 2 ears & 1 mouth… first LISTEN to what the client actually needs…

When it comes to accountancy, finding one that is not simply looking to invoice £1,500 a year for importing your spread sheet into their fine finance software and pressing update can be challenging…

How do you know when they are not simply offering you a shiny pen that you’ll pay for 10 times over if you are not careful?

You probably need to ask some searching questions or offer up a current situation that needs some thinking through… see if they come back with a stock answer or a bespoke one, offering a couple of permutations based on your circumstances.

chris clarke create it group

When Chris Clarke from Create IT Group was looking for a new accountant he wanted one that would be engaged in his business, not one simply raising invoices each month… he recalled meeting Gareth Davies of Keen Dicey Grover at a mini Berkshire EXPO we ran at The Madejski Stadium, part of a franchise show… they’d both taken stalls and spent some quality time together engaging in intelligent business conversation.

Chris called Gareth about a capital investment he was looking at making… Gareth impressed Chris with the nature of his questions, he could hear that Gareth was genuinely interested in offering the best advice… he instructed him to take over their accounts forthwith.

gareth davies keen dicey grover web

Create IT Group are a small & ambitious business… currently 10 employees strong, based between Theale & Reading. There ideal clients have 10-20 people, in retail or professional services, who need to know the technology they are using is at least fit for purpose but would be willing to go best of breed if they can see the value… they are not simply price driven and so Chris & his team can look to do the best job possible… in the same way he wants the best from Gareth for a fair price.

Quality counts…

If you are looking for a top accountant or a top IT company, you need to give these guys a bell… click on the links above to find out more.

Thank you.


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