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Quality email data, interesting content & simple voice mails equal?

Quality email data, interesting content & simple voice mails equal smoother engagement, increasing your chances of success…

Last week Bryan bought some high end data from Ian… and pinged out an email allowing recipients to see more of his sales motivations programme… the email was shorter and linked through to this fuller article.

The source is good, only 5% bounced and on going through, 95% are still in the jobs… quality email data.

But then how many will open up the email and click through for more?

When you have an engaging list, you’ll struggle to get 15-20% opening as folk get lots of emails… we’re getting 12% opening so that works for cold data… does that sound right to you?

I’m working through each, researching their backgrounds so we can have an intelligent conversation once I get through… this all takes time.

Making calls alongside the email works as one… as recognition from one senior recipient showed…

Hi Jon,

I normally don’t respond to emails… but your simple voicemail made the difference 😉

It’s obviously going to take some time to work through the data… calling those that clicked through first, followed by those that opened and then onto the rest of the list…

And with an email each week reinforcing Bryan’s message then with a fair wind, we should dig out a couple of interested parties before the Christmas Bash…
>>> Have you responded to our call? <<<

How do you make the most of data? Please comment below…

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