sales and marketing director future luncheons

Sales & Marketing Directors’ Luncheons

Join up to half a dozen Sales & Marketing Directors from top companies in the Thames Valley for lunch at quality establishments to find our what the future holds!

As sales & marketing techniques become increasingly integrated it makes sense to bring the two brains together to share ideas and discuss new sales & marketing methods… hear how others are trying new ways of engaging with increasingly invisible decision makers for a couple of hours over some vittles…

There is obviously no such thing as a free lunch, you have to earn your place around the table… we want only those who have something to say and are willing to share their great ideas with others 😉

The Berkshire Blog will arrange the venues but to get the party started we need Sales & Marketing Directors of companies turning over £2,470,000+ to tell us their story… we’ll share these via our blog, carrying your branding…

To aid your thinking we have come up with a few questions… please feel free to offer more details as you start to scribe a most interesting tale…

1. Tell us about your current job and what it entails?
2. What’s been your favourite project in your career to date?
3. Who have been most inspirational in your career & why?
4. What are you most passionate about?
5. Is there anything in this world that you’d like to change?
6. Share with us your dream job?

Please share your interest in being part of our Sales & Marketing Director Luncheon series and I’ll give you a call to discuss how it works:

Thank you.


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