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Story time at The Berkshire Blog

As my time fills up with lead generation projects, it becomes story time at The Berkshire Blog…

There are 24 hours in a day… I know, can’t help it, it’s a gift 😉

And each one of us creates routines of when we open email communications, visit LinkedIn, review Facebook or read our Tweets… so a good time for one will be a busy time for another!

What we can do is try different times to push out your blog articles to our community and over the longer term optimise around a particular time for specific messages.

First of all we obviously need some content to share… so what you got?

Send over an article of 250 – 500 words, with 2 or 3 images that you have permission to use and I’ll get your story loaded…

This offer runs out 1st November 2014 & I will only use quality content that I am happy to share.

So don’t delay… ping over today…

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Story time at The Berkshire Blog

  1. Bye sweetness. Off on hols in the morning. Will be back 8th Nov. so looking forward to catching some last sun – maybe there is some still left here.


    Mary x

    Mary Flavelle

    Phone: 01344 308301 Mobile: 07778 970 668

    TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More



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