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Contextual links SEO explained

With Google increasingly refining how it views content, contextual links picking up on your own jolly interesting web pages are a great way to go…

Contextual links are just that, links that focus in on a topic and link to a web page that matches the description and is of a quality that Google is happy to share via its global search engine.

For instance, join our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group, is a link that says where it’s going and goes there!

Last week Leapfrog Internet Marketing joined The Berkshire Blog so I asked Geoff to explain why…

“As an SEO, I’m always scouting around for websites where I can publish and promote my client’s products and services. However, many clients don’t want business from across the UK – they’re just looking for local people to find out about them. For example, if you’re a plumber in Reading, you won’t be looking for clients in London, let alone Edinburgh – it’s all about being local.

And just placing good content on a website isn’t enough now to get ranked on Google. If that content isn’t found and read by people, Google sees that as low quality content, and doesn’t rank it. And that’s where the power of social media comes in. Done well, it gets eyes on your content, and hopefully encourages those readers to socially share as well, helping to spread that content further.

So the https://theberkshireblog.com/ gives my clients exposure to all those lovely people in Berkshire, so ticks the local box. But it also has some impressive social media stats in terms of followers, likes and shares, so ticks that box as well.

The way Jon connects with people like me on LinkedIn… that skillset is something I completely and utterly lack, but can be utilised for my clients as part of Jon’s package.

It’s early days with how this will benefit my clients, but I’m tracking traffic from https://theberkshireblog.com/ to the websites, and will be seeing how the Google rankings improve as well

– watch this space!

Geoff Roy – Leapfrog Internet Marketing

Sounds to me that Geoff knows what he’s talking about… you’d best talk to him about helping with your general website SEO… and sign up for one of our packages at the same time 😉

Thank you.


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