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Video of Bryan McCrae talking Sales Motivations

We all like to know who is the brains behind what is on offer… enjoy this video of Bryan giving a presentation at Sales Innovations #SIE2014

The thoughts we have make us feel a certain way and determine the actions that we take… so having more positive thoughts is going to make us feel great, take more positive actions and sell more.

If only it was that easy!  Whether you need to dig yourself or your team out of a hole or are looking to go from good to great, with a little help form Bryan McCrae’s award winning Sales Motivations Programme and some regular practice from you & your team, your targets will be much less challenging as thoughts, feelings & activities change for the better.

The program has been fully evaluated in two major multi-national corporations, one of which involved a sales force of over 1000 people. Results achieved include;

  • 20% growth in the number of salespeople ‘on target’
  • 30% growth in sales activity (face to face meetings)
  • 66% reduction in staff turnover
  • 27% improvement in ability to cope well with pressure

enhance your sales success thoughts feelings and actions

The approach mixes e-learning with class room workshops and 121 coaching.  Now it could be that as a Sales Director, you have managers who are coaching the team day to day.  They could use this program both as a resource for their own development as well as a coaching framework for their team.

Take the first step now and take a look under the bonnet to see how it can help to take the pressure off your own time by offering an online coaching tool that your team members can dip into as they feel they need to keep on top of their game.

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The program is both very easy to use and engaging, … from the objectives to engaging with the different characters that are featured in the programme… the whole programme has also has a voice over, so you don’t have to read it for yourself, you can just listen… allowing the participant to choose how they engage with the programme… addressing all learning styles.

What do you want to do next?

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Take a look under the bonnet >>>
Password: JD1014

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