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How a good print broker can help with these 3 common problems

Imagine for a moment that every time a print request hits your desk you just make ONE phone call or email – and you have complete confidence that it will be taken away, sorted correctly, efficiently, on time and on budget.

How much time over a week or a month or a year, would you save? How much more effectively would you be able to do your own job? And no, I’m not referring to the totally impersonal, you get what you asked for, online service that does no checking and asks no questions.

No more endless phone calls trying to describe the job, understand the terminology or liaise between various printers across one campaign – trying to get them all to coincide with each other.

This is what I learned to do for my clients from brokers that were using the print company I used to manage. I admired how they understood endless details of complex campaigns and managed to tie all the different elements together with apparent ease – no doubt their clients were immensely grateful. They made my life easier too because they acted like an extension of my team.

Some were total cowboys I have to admit, they didn’t know a thing about the process and were often just commodity brokers, seeing print as nothing more than a widget to buy and sell. “I’m not the printer!” I remember one saying when I asked how he wanted his job packaged for delivery to the end user.

That’s why you have to get a good broker from the outset.

businessman sitting in an officeSummary

So the 3 things a good print broker will help you with are:

1. Save you time trying to find the right suppliers
2. Manage various elements of a print campaign so you don’t have to
3. Reducing your stress from trying to coordinate print projects so you can get on with what you’re best at.

So if you’d rather not dread your boss giving you another print project. If you’d rather not get stressed out wondering if you’ve thought of everything in order to ensure the printer hits the deadline. If you’d rather not deal with one headache after another – find yourself a good print broker today.

Stuart Young

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