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Changes in LinkedIn Etiquette

The times they keep on changing… or do they simply loop round on themselves in the circle of life?

It’s not too many moons ago that if you shared too many social media contact points when you made a comment on LinkedIn then you’d be shunned by fellow group members for being a tad on the noisy side… after all, folk could click on your head shot and view more about you if they wanted to…

Today, with the advent of Posts then what is the consensus…
What do you think?

Should we be adding signatures or mini bios to your LinkedIn Posts as you would with a blog post?

Should you focus on writing posts in the hope that 100 will read your greatness as against 3 on your blog?

Do you feel that with 10 small flags popping up each time you visit, 8 of them being Posts by others, the noise of the numbers will detract from user engagement?

Are you engaging with groups less than you were before? The articles grabbing your LinkedIn time rather than discussions?

Do share your thoughts on this… should you have any!

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Changes in LinkedIn Etiquette

  1. I think there is a very fine line between making noise to show your worth ad spamming peoples feeds. I do feel people are starting to merge the boundries of Facebook posts and LinkedIn Posts a little too much!!


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