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How are your sales results for Q4 and year end looking?

Nobody wants to miss hitting a sales target.

As we are a couple of weeks into Q4 and approaching the end of the year, how confident are you that you, or your team, will hit target?

If you could achieve 30% more meetings and boost sales by 20% would that be a difference worth exploring?

These are exactly the results that other sales teams have achieved (as well as cutting unwanted staff turnover) by using the award winning Sales-Motivations program. It is guaranteed to give positive results and has been used by companies large and small to help their sales people achieve more every day through showing them how to more easily overcome the many psychologic al challenges of selling.

Sales-Motivations is a unique blended learning program that has six rich multi-media e-learning modules with lots of videos, interaction, exercises and quizzes, a workshop and individual coaching sessions rolled into a powerful and comprehensive six week program. Click here to take a closer look.

A program like this would usually cost at least £700 per person, but we can offer it on a first come first served basis for teams of six for just £495 per person, saving almost 30%, for programs booked before the end of November 2014 and commencing within three months.

Whatever you or your team sell and whoever they sell to this program will help achieve greater results, guaranteed, or you get your money back. It could easily make the difference between smashing your target this year and missing it.


To find out more visit

If you’d like to see under the bonnet then ping me an email jonathanldavey @ gmail . com and I will forward you a username & password so you can take a look for yourself.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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