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The Business Show, Olympia Thursday 27th November, Hall 9, 2:00-2:30pm

Being asked to talk about something you feel passionate about makes you feel good inside

Last Thursday of November I’ll be at The Business Show Olympia talking about Crowd Funding… there will be few others talking about other stuff that they feel passionate about… come and listen to a few of us… see who’s talking >>>


crowd funding making it work for you

I will share with you 8 key crowd funding story elements to ensure your campaign gets off to the best possible start & your chances of success are greatly increased. 80% of all campaigns fail… BUT 80% of those that reach 20% of their target ultimately achieve their goal…

How do you increase your chances?
First, make sure you are in the room for this presentation 😉


jonathan l davey smileWinner of Social Media Week’s Personality of the Year Award in February 2012, Jonathan L Davey has been helping business people make the most of online & offline engagement for many years. In 1999 he built his first website, 2001 he was preaching html email marketing and the ability to see what your readers are really interested in. 2004 his first CMS website went live, achieving 5,000,000 page views in 2008. Social Media Directors was born in 2009 teaching others how to engage online and 2014 has seen the launch of Slow Business Networking, a gentle way to network, spending a leisurely 5-10 minutes telling another a story.

Stop pitching, start engaging for the longer term, ensuring people want to hear from you… when you call are folk “busy” or do they go “Hi, what you been up to?”

Let me tell you a story…


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