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Slow Business Networking NEW Community Format

Over the last year myself & others in the area, namely Carla Delaney, Stuart Young & Colin Willman have been hosting Slow Business Networking events.

The aim was to bring people out on a Friday for a spot of business networking… Foundation Park, the first event, took of well but has faded in recent months… Binfield has worked consistently well thanks to Stuart’s persistence and always gets a good crowd, Windsor & Wokingham have just started so early days for them.

Its hard work making something work, especially when its for the benefit of everyone, not just yourself… but then those people who give of themselves can’t help it, its in their blood.

I started Slow Business Networking because speed networking didn’t cut it for me & the more self centred business networking that suckers new business owners in on a promise of a fist full of leads has never resonated with me… so I had to come up with a new way… and like all new things, they need refining from time to time.

crowd funding making it work for you

2015 will see me focusing on building a Crowd Funding platform for the benefit of both businesses & community… so it makes sense that the Slow Business Networking foundation is used to bring business & community people together for their mutual benefit.

This will involve engaging with existing networking groups that have a community focus, like Rotary and connecting with larger businesses around CSR… already with some irons in the fire, it will be an interesting year.

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Because I live in Windsor, it’s logical that I start here and work outwards, those that like the new vibe are welcome to take the light to their towns and help the word spread.

I’ve not organised the new format yet, just wanted to let you know it’s coming… in the meantime…

What you doing tomorrow?

slow business networking gokarting in the pits

2 places left for Go-Karting

The Ship Inn Wokingham

If you live in Wokingham then you might want to pop along to The Ship Inn and join in Colin’s Slow Networking event.

Next Friday…

slow business networking metro bank windsor

14th December join me at the Metro Bank, Windsor.

The following Friday…

stag and hounds binfield

21st December join Stuart at The Stag & Hounds in Binfield.

Thank you.


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