Is The Favour Feud Worth It?

wedding favours like little buckets of almonds
who likes their almonds pink or blue?

Weddings have always been one of the most expensive points in anyone’s life. Years ago they bankrupted entire families… now they’re still doing the same thing. It’s no wonder that the modern bride these days is always looking for ways to cut out more costs. One way brides are fighting back these days is by cutting out the favours (click here if you have no idea what a wedding favour is !). Many have railed against it, saying it’s old fashioned and a waste of time. Others think that they’re a fun tradition that shouldn’t die out.

So are wedding favours worth it? In this article, Helen Moore from local wedding photographers Moore & Moore Photography takes a look at both sides of the argument: those who vehemently oppose the use of favours, and those who would rather die than let them go the way of the dinosaur.

Favours Are Great!

Traditionally, wedding favours are given by the bride to every guest, whether family or friend, in thanks for having them come to join in on the special day. Back in the day, these favours were not even supposed to be expensive. Instead, they were both fun and practical. The bride would hand out five sugar almonds to every guest, usually done up in a beautiful tuille bag or a cute box. These fives almonds each represent a different wish:

  1. health
  2. happiness
  3. long life
  4. wealth, and
  5. fertility.

These days favours take the form of many different things, usually based on the formality levels of the wedding and the bride’s tastes. Some favours include chocolates, seeds, other confectioneries, candles, or even Lego bricks. Ultimately it gives the couple a chance to be really creative in how they appreciate their guests for coming. Most brides find it to be the funnest part of the planning process.

Contrary to modern belief, favours do not have to be expensive. Many brides are finding ways to cut costs and barely spend anything on favours. Basically, it’s meant as a way to say thank you to guests for coming out and celebrating the big day with everyone. It’s easy to do on a budget, and really lets your personality shine.

Favours Are Not Great!

Just what exactly is the point of the favour, anyway? Sure, you can save a lot of money by making homemade goods, but then you’re wasting hour after hour, maybe even day after day taking your time to make them. You also have to spend the day before your wedding wrapping up biscuits, of all things, or putting labels on every dang plant you’re handing out. What a waste of time! There are many other things you can do with that time, such as celebrating with friends and family, or making sure everything flows smoothly the next day. You can even go out and have a party instead of putting that stuff together!

Basically, these favours don’t really do anything for your wedding. Most of all, you may even be wasting the materials, since many guests will just go home and just throw them in the bin. Sure, they’ll feel bad, since they’ll know you spent a lot of time on it, but there’s no point in keeping something useless around. So what’s the point of dealing with the favours at all?

How About Some Middle Ground?

Can a happy middle be achieved in this unhappy favour feud? The odds are that there isn’t. Every couple and every wedding is going to be different. This means that some people will go out of their way to give extraordinary gifts to guests while others do nothing at all. Most guests aren’t going to remember whether or not you gave out a favour anyway. It’s really up to personal preference. Do you think it will enhance your day, and is something you can get excited about? Then go for it! Otherwise, put your energy on something else – here’s another way of making sure your wedding is remembered.

Have you received a favour recently? What did you do with it? Be honest !