Looking to double the membership TODAY!

Posted this on my Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group last week but I felt the need to also share it right here, right now!

What go from 2672 members to over 5000 in a day… you must be off your rocker Mr D!

No silly, got a new project that is shaping up nicely… little crowd funding platform I’m going to make into a great big crowd funding platform and fund the most amazing community projects… with the odd smidgen of business projects.

Currently 10 folk are in my patch… let’s make it 20 or more… yee ha!

The Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group brought us together… Richard Kipling tried ruddy hard to get my attention… bum, bum 😉

He comment on something and I checked out his profile before responding… the guys taken some scalps & burnt a few cakes… there’s no substitute for experience… any road… he was looking to kick some Berkshire butt so we had a cup of green tea and it was apparent there was a match… that was 6 weeks ago…

Now we’re stepping up the game… the platform is just about to have some major tweaks which will make it irresistible to crowd funders across the globe… so come on over while we’re wearing our old suit… get connect and come January 1st and the turbos hit, the champagne UX will fizz into action and as our campaigns, that are just getting into fighting shape, kick into gear there will be no stopping the upward spiral into infinity and beyond!

So are you ready for the ride? Nope… well remain sat on your fat derrière and watch the show…

Or you could pop over to the BerkshirePatch.com and join our little posse… from tiny acorns dear boy, dear girl, from those little squirrel winter snacks… sodding great oak trees grow…

And if you’re hanging with the cool gang in the early days then you can be one of those few lucky folk who can say, I was there at the beginning… in those days we use to… tales to tell your grand kids… those lazy days of 2015 when life was so easy… came up with a great idea… didn’t need an Angel to tear out my heart… just a few pals who had faith in me not to spend their gift down the boozer like those pesky bankers but used it sparingly to make my dreams come true… look at me now… (picture the perfect you, whatever that is to you…)



Thank you.

07717 820823

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