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Is there anyone there ?

Good morning Mr(s) difficult to get hold of!

You know the situation… you’re trying to make contact with someone who you know would really benefit from your product or service, but not getting much joy. Even though you are are first connections on LinkedIn, pinged over a couple of emails, tweeted but so far had no response from them. It could be a spam filter thing… could be a busy thing… could be a not interested, at the moment I don’t know.

The other day I got an email from a chap in corporate A who appreciates my style of engagement, mixing emails with phone calls, looking to get attention… same day I had a “cease & desist” email from a chap in corporate B who was obviously having a bad day or simply wasn’t interested.

I imagine that your sales and marketing people face this challenge frequently too and it is only our own internal levels of motivation & resilience that keep us going. These levels can drop from time to time and they need developing and reinforcing… we need reminding that the process doesn’t change, it’s simply our attitude towards it that does… given a few useful techniques in managing our thoughts we can overcome any challenges and push on to greater things.

Mr(s) D how about if we could help you boost results with a guaranteed development program that helps sales people boost their motivation, resilience and ability to cope with challenges?

Whether working with ‘sales superstars’ or sales people not yet at the top of their game, our program will help them.

Proof that the Sales-Motivations program boosts performance

Trials of the program material have been carried out in two major multi-national corporations, one of which involved a sales force of over 1000 people. Results achieved include;

– 20% growth in the number of salespeople ‘on target’
– 30% growth in sales activity (face to face meetings)
– 66% reduction in staff turnover
– 27% improvement in ability to cope well with pressure

This award winning program can be delivered as e-learning, workshops, coaching or a blended combination of methods.

We would be very happy have a conversation with you to understand more about your teams challenges and to explore how we could help.

Alternatively you could take a look yourself, click through to the website and sign in, top right corner, with:

Password: JD1014

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

07717 820823

2 thoughts on “Is there anyone there ?

  1. Jonathan,

    You’re a good bloke and so I know you’ll take this comment in the ‘right way’: the spelling within your email should be “you’re trying to make”(as in “you are”) rather than “your trying to make”.

    All the best,


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