SLOimage™ : Movies that write their own script!

Award winning British film director Martha Fiennes has invented pioneering film technology SLOimage™

SLOimage™ allows the images and elements within the film to self-generate and evolve continuously, creating ever-varied moving compositions and never repeating the same configuration. Changes are unknown to both makers and viewers alike think Harry Potter and the pictures that are alive on strairways at Hogwarts! Fiennes’s work is soon to be displayed at the V&A this Dec.

Martha Fiennes wants to share her knowledge at Digital Shoreditch 2015 and to get through we need votes. This is the link:


This technology that will change the world of films, advertising, education and storytelling. It means that we as the audience can spend as much or as little time with the work as chosen; we will not have missed anything, at the point we chose to leave since the work is continuous. In re-engaging at a later stage, we will find the image doing something different. There is no rewind or fast-forward. The effect is mesmeric and captivating.


These images relate to Martha Fiennes’s first creation using this technology and the visual is called NATVITY. Here Fiennes has drawn her inspiration from Renaissance painting, film and computer games for this pioneering work. She wanted to create a medium that had the contemplative feel of traditional fine art, like painting and photography and yet that transcended some of their key definitions.
Using her experience as a film-maker and with her with production partner Pete Muggleston, software coder Adam Cubitt. Fiennes and MPC London, leading digital VFX studio they created a ground-breaking new combined technology, SLOimage™.


The technological infrastructure of SLOimage™ means that extraordinary flights of the imagination are now possible.

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