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All you have to do is ask…

This week I’ve been swimming deeper into the world of Crowd Funding and came across this amazing story…

Amanda Palmer crowd funded her own album to the tune of $1.2 million… how did she do that?

She simply asked her fans to join in the fun and credits her ability to ask down to spending 5 years as an 8 foot bride on the city streets of America.

She’s built her fans by simply engaging with people along the way… allowing them to be part of her world. Sharing her moments to enable real, direct connections to be made… watch the video.

So what are you looking to achieve?

I’m looking to help people on their journey… helping you to crowd fund the foundations of the future you! There’s a few skills you will probably need to sharpen up on but that journey starts with you asking for a little help…

Pop over to the Berkshire Crowd Patch, join and say hello…

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