Thames Valley Tech Week starts TODAY

If you are coming to an event please RSVP either through the Meetup group or via the ConnectTVT website.

I know we are usually relaxed with the “just turn up approach” but many of the events have a catering element and we need to plan.

So what’s on at GROW?

Monday 17th
Fail to Prototype, Fail to Succeed

Tuesday 18th
Helping SME’s to grow
Who cares about IP Protection?
IoT Business Clinic, IoT Thames Valley Meetup

Wednesday 19th
Managing Innovation Workshop
The Big Pitch Competition – You must have registered by Sunday 16th to pitch your company only 3 spaces left. This isn’t an investment pitch it’s a product/company pitch.

Thursday 19th
Tech Professionals – Better Health

Friday 21st
Test Drive a Tesla – places must be pre-registered.
When Green Meets Grey – Telsa, Nvidia, Microsoft, Reading CIC, University of Reading, Peter Brett, lots of grey hairs and 44 young adults will all be working together at GROW.

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