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Tweet, tweet, tweet… get your advent calendar ‘ere!

Last week I tried another experiment with Twitter to see if we could turn engagement into reality.

Funny thing Twitter, very much a real time engagement tool… talking about a topic with many using #hash tags or with a few using @theirname… but you need to be engaging in real time to be at the party.

This means that the chances of someone reading your tweet in real time is very limited… unless of course they read all their tweets… then that would be a tad sad and very restrictive in regards to getting on with your life… especially if you have to earn a living!

windsors crown jewels

So logic tells me that you need to send a message to someone “at box” aka Notifications to get them to actually see what you have to say… and past experience has show this to be the case.

Recently, with my Rotary hat on we were looking for prizes for this year’s advent calendar and pushing out a call created a great response via Twitter with over 10 new companies offering prizes and existing one’s being reminded it’s that time of year again 😉

Calendar’s printed, November is when we sell them… so what we need to do is build awareness around Windsor… leaving the calendar committee to do things their way, I figured, let’s give Twitter a spin… drive sales via outlets in town…

I had a word with Trevor @Metro_Bank and they agreed to stock them… so keeping things simple, I created a dozen images showing a selection of the prizes on offer and then sent tweets to 520 of the 1,665 following my @windsordaily channel.

I did this by having a standard message and then sending it to 2 of 520 at a time…

70 folk have RT’d the message as Windsor & Eton Brewery did above…

And when I popped in Saturday afternoon, prior to watching the Christmas lights, which Windsor & Eton Rotary Club paid for, get switched on, Metro Bank had sold exactly 1 advent calendar!

So much energy, such a nominal effect… a little more awareness created but that awareness needs to turn into sales… we only have November in which we can technically sell them.

rotary advent calendars for sale

Reality is, best way we can sell these calendars is to be on the streets, selling them in real time on any sunny days we have between now and the end of the month…

I hope some of the lads can do mid week, happy to join in at weekends…

Another lesson learned… or reality confirmed!

Thank you.

07717 820823

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