Create the Best Corporate Calendar for 2015

wall mounted corporate calendars ready for 2015

The time has come once again to trot out the Christmas decorations, go and buy your charity advent calendar and start humming Christmas carols regardless of the fact that Thanksgiving has not yet arrived. It’s very tempting to ignore Christmas, but that won’t keep it from creeping up on you. In the corporate world, the arrival of Christmas means issuing corporate gifts.

These are gifts that are generally given to suppliers at Christmas time to thank them for doing business with you and to remind them to keep it up. Printing a corporate calendar can be an excellent “one size fits all” sort of gift that everyone is sure to appreciate. Everybody needs a calendar, and with this choice in corporate gifts you can count on reminding your recipients of your existence every day of the year. The important thing to remember is that you have to produce a good corporate calendar if you want it to do you good. If your corporate calendar is lousy, it will do you a lot of harm. How can you theme your calendar in a way that is sure to please your recipients and boost your business?

Take Care In Selecting Your Theme

Think about your calendar recipients. Will you just be giving your calendar to your employees to entertain them all year round and encourage them to greater heights of productivity? If so, you could use a theme such as “Inspirational Projects” or “Exceptional Employees”. You could make it a humorous calendar with office themed jokes. This can be very popular with employees. Here’s some great ideas and formats from Pinterest to help.

Clearly, this would not be the right choice to give to your customers, though. For your customers, you want to project a positive image for doing business with your company. Obviously, you would want to avoid themes such as “Our Falling Stocks”, but it really isn’t as simple as that. You need to weigh your choices very carefully. For example, will you use a bold, cutting edge design, or will you keep it traditional with appropriate photos and a standard calendar format? Presenting a bold and innovative design could be very memorable and attention grabbing. Just remember to include all the important dates for your company to keep your events and special occasions in the forefront of your customer’s consciousness.

Select Great Photos

Remember that photos convey a lot of information without words. Calendars help people keep up to date and on schedule, but they also need to look good when hung on the wall. If you include really good-looking, professional photography, it will be a real bonus for your recipients. People like to look at pretty things. If your calendar can delight your recipient, more’s the better for your company image.

Use High Quality Printing

You may think this wouldn’t matter, but you’d be wrong. If you send out a calendar that is sloppily printed on flimsy or grainy, coarse paper, it will give the impression that you don’t care enough to pay attention to detail. If you send out a really good-looking calendar, professionally printed on good paper stock that has been laminated and bound in a professional manner, your recipients will be impressed. This sort of professional effort shows attention to detail and concern for your clients. It makes a great impression that will last all year long.

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