grow adam strikes a pose

So who is the cat that got the cream?

Adam & Louize are entitled feel pleased with a job well done! After a most exciting Thames Valley Tech Week…

louize grow bbc nov

They got news on Friday that they had secured the funding needed to keep the doors open… while Adam was striking the pose, Louize was ensuring the BBC had the footage they needed.

grow youth competition 2

Thames Valley Tech week – 8 events over 5 days at the hub, over 300 people through the doors. The week was a huge success. The “green meets grey” event was a fantastic finish to the events at GROW.

grow youth competition

Georg Ell from Tesla was such an inspiration to the young adults and the cars were quite popular too. This red matches red event made for a great pic šŸ˜‰

tesla matches jon jumper

Have you checked out GROW yet?

grow offices green park

Get along to Green Park, Tuesday to Thursday, doors are open for YOU…

windmill near grow

Off the M4, turn left at Madejski Stadium and stay on the low road, turn right after the windmill and pop in for a cup of tea…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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