sebastians action trust 10 year party

My 1st Community Crowd Funding Project

Why is it that folk spend so much time procrastinating instead of getting on with stuff?

I’ve been banging the drum for a few weeks now on Crowd Funding and so many want to join in but they just have a mental block preventing them from taking action… just join in… start by signing up for the Berkshire Patch… join the crowd… then when a project comes along you’ll be ready to join in!

Now some will like giving to charities and good causes… others will prefer the business projects that will be flowing forth as we head into 2015… but to join in and be first to the party you need to be ready, signed up and ready to go…

Here is my first community project… next week I hope to be launching a Christmas dinner for the old folk… and if you have a project I could help with knock on my door and ask for some help.

First 3 companies to join in the Sebastian’s Action Trust Christmas project will get not just a thank you from Sebastian’s Action Trust but also 2 or 3 Berkshire blog posts between now & Christmas, all about you from me… take a look and contribute if you can…

sebastians action trust christmas party

Please help Sebastian’s Action Trust to give seriously-ill and life-linited children and their families, an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

sebastians action trust christmas party sponsor

By sponsoring a child with complex medical needs for only £60.00 you will be helping Sebastian’s Action Trust to share the costs of providing a Winter Wonderland-themed Christmas party, with festive entertainment packed with plenty of special treats, including a visit from Santa with presents galore!

The party takes place at Northcote House in Berkshire on the 7th December 2014.

Thank you.


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