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Need an Expo flyer for tomorrow?

Last week I asked a printer to organise me a banner for tomorrow & I don’t have a new banner for tomorrow…

So I figured the best thing I could do is create myself an A4 flyer and get my friendly local office supplies company to print them off… it’s usually a breeze 😉

Figured out my flyer… would combine all my slide comments from my 20 minute presentation planned for tomorrow… which I’ll deliver in Hall 9 at 2pm…

Put flyer together and sent it over to Reid Office Supplies… called up Bob, he’d been thinking of me, printer went pear this week!

Luckily the Mrs had swapped out our home printer last weekend with that £10 PC World policy we took out giving us 3 year’s coverage… they’re always going wrong!

I’m 30 fliers in as I am writing this and 50 will probably do me… I’ll not just give them to anyone… just those I meet on E-goi’s stand that I chat to and find they want to know more… those in my presentation I’ll get to join Crowd Patch and ask the questions online… if they can’t log on, what hope have I got!

You joined yet?

First community project has nearly hit 100% of target in 24 hours… would be great if one of you could make that happen 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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