What You Need To Know About Corporate Video Production

When you mention corporate video production, different people may imagine different things. All of the following terms are applicable:

  • Live events
  • Viral videos
  • Talking heads
  • Short films

Each of these types of media can help a marketer present a product, service or company to its best advantage. When corporations produce video, their objective is the same. They want to positively engage their target audience.

One well known corporate video production company which is based in Surrey is called Big Yellow Feet. The company has clients across the United Kingdom and beyond. It works with businesses and companies of all sizes in local and international settings. Big Yellow Feet has been in business for over a dozen years and boasts an award winning team. We offer a vast array of professional services. We are confident that our products and services are the best to be had in terms of customer service, quality and creativity.

Our Team Is Attentive To Your Needs

applying makeup and reading script before video filming startsOur clients are quite diverse. For example, we have clients in the arts; in government, in the music industry; in sports organizations; in design and building projects; in food festivals and more. Our team is made up of designers, project managers, camera operators, producers and directors who are ready to think outside the box and give your project the creativity and professionalism necessary for success. When we hire consultants and support staff, such as makeup artists, actors and art and location specialists, we make sure they are top notch to bring you the very best in products and services. We are happy and eager to show you our many glowing testimonials.

If you want to market your product or your company, a good corporate video is a must. Having a high quality video is crucial to success. At Big Yellow Feet, we deliver the very best in top quality video content. We use the latest and most professional video productions techniques. We believe that professional video production is based in completely understanding your company’s brief. No matter what sort of video spot you want, be it an international communication; a training course; an exhibition; a TV commercial or a website, we know that putting your message forward in an interesting and engaging manner is absolutely essential.

We Help You Succeed In A Highly Competitive Marketplace

Your stakeholders and clients (both current and potential) expect you to stand head and shoulders above the crowd, and we can help you do just that. We understand cutting edge video production techniques, and we can create a video that will help you reach and engage your target audience effectively. When you have a truly unique, high quality video to share, it can really give your business or company a boost.

We take pride in the innovative projects we develop with our clients. We strive to stand head and shoulders above the crowd in the world of high quality video production. We feel that our standard practice of working closely with our clients every step of the way to create the perfect video is what gives us that edge. We are devoted to creating a corporate video that meets and exceeds your expectations while staying within your budget.

How do we do it?

There are a number of choices when it comes to putting your message forth successfully. You can choose from:

  • Motion graphics
  • Cartoon animation
  • Kinetic text animation
  • Short film
  • A brand film
  • Specific product promotion
  • Talking heads

These are all methods that have been used successfully by top companies in a wide variety of markets. It is important that you understand your choices and select the one that will really work for your company.

At the outset, we will appoint your own client manager to your project. There will be lots of people involved in the creative process surrounding your corporate video production. Your client manager can help you understand the big picture. Your dedicated client manager will lead our team and act as a liaison to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page in terms of choices and final product.

The team will review your brief and brainstorm on your ideas. They will work together to make your dream for your project come true. When the approach has been agreed upon, the team will create scripts and storyboards for your approval. Once everything is in place and the script is locked, your client manager will get the production team together, and the actual production work will begin.

After the filming process is completed, the editing process will begin. This is very important because this is the part where every aspect of the final video is polished to perfection to really resonate with your target audience. We will add animation, text and graphics as needed at this point. Clearly, there is much more to video production than simply aiming your camera and pressing your record button. We know all the professional touches that will help make your investment in a corporate video one of your smartest ideas ever.

Creating Appeal For Any Audience

Once the message is in place and the video is made, how will you get it out to your audience? We know how to use demographics to determine which sorts of devices your target audience is likely to use to view your video. We will create productions that match the sensibility and tastes of your targeted demographic. We will tailor your video to be viewed at its best on the type of device your target audience most greatly prefers. Be it broadcast TV, memory stick, Bluray or DVD, we deliver what you need. Have a look at the case studies we have posted on our website. You can see some of our most recent projects. You’ll see that we have experience in every aspect of corporate video for audiences large and small.

Contact the team at Big Yellow Feet today – call 01483 285928

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