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Are Exhibitions part of your 2015 marketing plans?

Thursday & Friday I was The Business Show at Olympia, 2nd one of the year…

I do enjoy Expos, you get to meet people in real time and help them see the light 😉

egoi three amigos

I first bumped into E-goi in January this year when I was researching those taking part in TFM&A… looking for companies that could benefit from my experience at opening new doors.

E-goi, No.1 in Portugal were looking to open the UK market… they were looking for small businesses and had chosen to start their UK campaign at the TFM&A 2014. I agreed to help them out and our relationship began…

After I found out how much they had paid for the stand I recommend they let me negotiate their next round of EXPOs… I got them a great 4 show deal on The Business Show… saving them thousands of pounds!

egoi moustachette

I was selling email marketing 13 years ago and built up a nice business but then the margin’s fell away as more solution providers entered the market and slashed prices to attract customers… today many have a solution or access to a number offering a free service if you are happy just to push out and not study reports or personalise your communications.

Being a veteran at email marketing, I appreciate the quality of the E-goi platform but many prospects will not value this… they don’t know what they don’t know… e.g. on Friday morning I sent out an email newsletter and one of my guys replied, we had a conversation across 8 exchanges & the email template was still in perfect shape… many other system templates would dissolve under such pressure.

business show tv show

I’ve recommended a revised strategy for 2015… one of approaching sister companies of those they already have strong relationships with in Portugal… with a logical reference point the quality aspect can shine through.

We can big up these existing client reference points at the shows we’ll be engaging in during 2015, attracting the attention of those Marketing Directors who recognise the brands we are already dealing with as leaders in their own industries…

Sounds like a plan.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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