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How can your salesforce get more Grit and success?

Take a close look at anyone at the top of their game and you’ll find lots of grit.

Grit is all about the motivation and drive to keep working towards a tough and sometimes long-term goal. It could be an annual sales target, or winning a large important deal. You might also think of it as mental toughness.

Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth features in a great TED Talks video on the subject. In sales, we also need high levels of resilience, to be able to quickly overcome obstacles or objections. We also need to be able to cope well with customer or company pressure.

Grit is the essential factor for great levels of long term success. It also seems to explain why people with the same intelligence, knowledge and opportunity might have drastically different levels of success.

We now have some great tools, such as the Sales Motivations and Resilience Questionnaire, which can be used to benchmark how ‘gritty’ a sales person is. We can then use it to explore how to boost this even further. It sometimes seems that levels of motivation may seem OK. But when we look at ability to cope with pressure and resilience, that is often where the cracks start to show.

This is seen as low activity, poor close rates, deals sticking in the pipeline, reluctance to make difficult sales calls, low margin sales and eventually burn-out.  Often sales people attempt to explain these away by blaming the competition, the market, the products, and the service. Often, it is anything other than looking at their own behaviour and performance in the face of challenges.

Of course, our genes and different experiences are an important part of what makes us each of us unique. But we now have good evidence that these crucial success factors can be developed further in most people, regardless of what they are born with.

In essence, what grittiness does is moves sales people from ‘Can do’, where they know what needs to be done to be successful, to ‘Will do’, where they energetically put what they know into action. This results in higher levels of activity and greater success at every stage in the sales process.

We specialise in using proven, evidence based development techniques and psychology to help sales forces to get more grit, motivation and resilience. This enables them to accelerate sales and sell more successfully. These can be delivered as any flexible combination of  workshops, coaching or e-learning, customised to your specific requirements and budget.

This award winning program is proven to boost activity by 30% and results by 20%. Uniquely it also comes with a full guarantee that you will obtain measurable results.

To find out how we could help you boost sales results in 2015 get in touch or visit

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