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Great use of celebrity power for the people

This is Russell’s best video to date… he’s now relaxing into the role of people’s champion and kicking some media butt… you’ve got to love his work…

Or not as the case may be 😉

Why is it that when a celebrity stands up for something they believe in that people are always looking for the alternative motive to bring that person down? He comes across as very plausible to me…

Russell has made his dough, he doesn’t have to worry about boring old bills & stuff, not this year anyway… so he’s reflected on how blinking lucky he is and decided that he wants to use his powerful voice to help others… that could be you!

Check out the video above, it gives a good insight into where his head is at and how he is moving forward… you can view a whole ton of other videos here and get some appreciation of the fact that he’s not just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk… and what a cool walk 😉

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Great use of celebrity power for the people

  1. Jon I’m definitely in the “or not” category. I wouldn’t hold him up as a good example of anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad


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