A business plan

Preparing to lay down that business plan 2015

Sunday evening I put my diary together to see me through to Christmas… then it’ll be time to lay down my vision for the start of 2015…

The purpose of the plan is not to lay down some targets that might or might not be achieved… it’s simply to keep me on a path!

I do like shiny new things to play with, next year these new things will be crowd funding projects and so the plan needs to be around the market sectors I’ll be looking to access and how best to do this…

Building up to Christmas I’ll be spending Monday’s looking to find people who would like to support Christmas lunch for some of Windsor’s older people… the principle will apply to other projects… nudging them towards their targets.

Tuesday’s I’ll be looking to talk to larger organisations who are looking for some fun team building events for 2015… the Dragon Boat race at Dorney Lake being front & centre as the year starts…

Wednesday is set to be my innovation day, spending time at GROW in Reading’s Green Park, looking to help young & old get their ideas off the ground and avoid the need for dragon oil, keeping ownership of their own IP… getting their fans to chip in and help them move their ideas forward… proving the concept so they can control any larger finance conversations if needs be.

Thursday, I’ve got a project aimed at schools and so will be talking to Middle & High schools in the new year…

Friday needs to be an open day to pick up on anything that’s not been addressed during the week…

Sorted… if you start thinking, this crowd funding, how can it help me? Then I’m just a phone call away… or if you hear of someone looking to crowd fund, point them this way.

Thank you.


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