red sky in the morning shepherds warning

Red Sky in the Morning Shepherd’s Warning

In the good old days before three BBC weather forecasters were paid £100,000+ each for sharing the same info over our 20 minute breakfast TV…

People use to look up at the sky and make a general assessment on whether to fit snow or slick tyres for the morning commute into the local village.

One of many popular phrases was “Red sky in the morning shepherd’s warning” so I guess the all important question is… will it snow today?

It was 1 degree as I dropped Chloe off at 7 a.m, cold enough… is the sky going to fill with big old fluffy clouds and are we going to get those 6 inches of snow we’ve been promised by the weather ladies for the last 2 weeks!

What do you think? Share your forecast freely 😉

Thank you.

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