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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Logo Design

You have a new company that you are getting ready to launch soon. Your website is done, your products are all complete and you are almost set to go. However, you’re still waiting to have your marketing materials printed. All you need now is a well-designed logo that ties everything together and reinforces your business identity. You need to be sure that your creative design agency understands what your vision is and shares it. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when you are planning the design for your logo.


Keep Things Simple – A logo works the best when it isn’t overly crowded or complicated. It’s better to have a simple image that is easy to remember.

Research Your Competition – Have a close look at your competitor’s logos. This should provide you with a good idea of things that work and things that don’t work for your industry or line of business.

Make Your Logo Stand Out – Be sure that any words that you use really stand out, especially the important ones. Before you begin, know what your most important words or phrases are. If you don’t do this ahead of time, you could run into problems later.

Compliment – Put some thought into your company colours. They need to not clash and complement one another.

Keep Calm - its only comic sans / no arial !Consistency – Be sure that elements such as shape, colour and size remain consistent for your brand.

Give Your Logo Some Personality – You want your logo to be unique, attention grabbing and creative so that it really sets your business apart.


Don’t Use Comic SansGraphic designers really hate this font.

Fits Your Purpose – You want to make sure that your logo fits your purpose and conveys the right image for your company.


Use A Boring Design – Your main priority should be on interesting and original. Your clients will be turned off by a boring design. You don’t want to lose the battle before you even get started.

Use Stretching Or Shadows – In the original design, this may look really good. However, when it is made larger or placed on a textured background it will look bad.

Contain Your Logo – Putting your logo inside a box is a sure way of not being able to use it with other things. Leave your logo free so that it has more flexibility unless you happen to be designing an app logo that needs to have certain dimensions.

Copy Someone Else’s Logo – It breaches copyright and is illegal. It will also do much more harm for your business than good. Design a unique logo for your business.

Use Clipart – You want to design your own logo and be original. Clipart might be able to provide you with some inspiration. However, don’t use them in your final design. People will be able to tell, and it will damage your image and brand identity.

Use Fancy Fonts – They can be very tempting, especially when you are offering a bespoke, executive or luxury product. However, elaborate and fancy fonts are usually not a good idea. They tend to be difficult to decipher and hard to read – see some of these calligraphy fonts. Choose something that is professional and clean instead.

Split Elements – If your logo design is complex, you might want to split it into different elements for better distribution. On paper this may sound like a good idea. However, it will have a tendency to make your logo quite diffuse, which doesn’t reflect well on your company.

Use Patterned or Textured Backgrounds – Particularly if you are planning to tile them. Patterned and textured backgrounds on logos make them very hard to translate to other places, like on business cards or in print. To maximize usability, make your backgrounds a solid colour or white.

Use A Photo – A photo logo usually doesn’t work and also has a tendency to look outdated rather quickly. The safest bet is to use a drawn or line logo instead.

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