3d printing forest school

What’s your connection to Forest School?

How cool would it be for the kids there to have a 3D Printer upgrade which they can use to develop their STEM skills?

(STEM Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

3d printer working at forest school

Technological advancements are happening every day and we need our young people to keep up with those in more advanced educational environments, like China… to do that they need the latest technologies on tap so that they can understand what is achievable today so they can dream of a better solution for tomorrow.

Forest School is the first of our 3D Printer Projects to go live, one of our directors has been working on this with government & strategic partners since September. The result is a national project which will be rolling out to others areas next year.

3d printer and scanner

If Forest School is your local school and you’d like then to receive a new 3D Printer by donating £20 you’ll get a 3D mini bust of your, or a friends head 😉

The perfect gift for the man or woman that has almost everything…

You’d best be quick… the school will be launching this on Thursday to the parents, they only need 100 sales to hit their target and most of these have already been tentatively agreed… get your order in TODAY!

If you have a local school you’d like to see one of these 3D Printers in then let me know and I’ll make contact and start the process…

Thank you.


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