pethost pet holidays

Dreaming of Goa? Woof, Woof…

So where will your pooch be stopping when you go on your Christmas holiday to Goa?

Will you leave it to fend for itself or will you book it in to your local kennel?

pethost stroll with pooch

We tend to use a local lady who loves Max & Max loves her… I remember fondly one holiday, the day before we set off, it was Chloe’s birthday and her birthday cake was left on a table and for whatever reason… you guessed it… on returning the dog was on the table and the WHOLE cake was inside him, sugar icing and all…

Thankfully it remained in him overnight but the following day, while at his guest house, he was ill on his x favourite rug! What a great service…

pethost pack leader

Anyway, today I bumped into Caesar, the top dog over at PetHost… we shared a table at GROW @ Green Park and when he started talking about warming up in Goa we just had to shoot a video…


What he needs right now are people who run kennels or similar to log on and register… build those foundation…

So when you’re strolling around the park, tell those you meet to share the word on and help Caesar become a new business champion in 2015.

Thank you.


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