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Will you be changing anything after Christmas?

Here’s a little Christmas stocking filler that you might want to get that special someone…

Stuart Young, some of you may know from slow networking over at Binfield or the Dragon Boat race last summer, is a multi talented chap and one year he decided he wanted to write a positively inspirational book… so he did… and now you can buy it on Amazon… YEEHAAA 😉

stuart young change your lifeHe sends out a little ditty each day to those on his extra special email list and this one landed yesterday so I asked if I could use it… it came without the book pic… that’s my little addition to help him get on the best seller list 2014!


We are all aware of the sound-bite that it’s better to give than receive, one of my mentors even has “The secret to living is giving” as their catchphrase.

But even if you agree, do you know why you agree? Is it because you feel you should, because giving is the nice thing to do?

In my opinion, doing nice things for others including the giving of thoughtful gifts makes ourselves feel good. So why not be a little more selfish and make yourself feel good more often, heck, make yourself feel good ALL the time – by giving to others. Give time, money, gifts, attention or anything else you can think of.

Being selfish in this way creates a win-win for everyone.

In my opinion the secret to living happily is knowing what to be selfish about.

Enjoy, give, feel good


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