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12 Good Reasons to Look at Crowd Funding

Enjoy this Christmas tale…


1. First we had family, friends & the local community who, in days of old, would help folk out in their time of need, offering a helping hand. Put your pig in the bottom field & it can eat my grass… when it’s fully grown, just give me the left leg for my family to enjoy… barter!

2. Then folk started moving to the city for the bright lights & those fun factory jobs and another form of exchange was needed… money was born.

3. Scrooge saw that some folk spent a Penny more than they should and figured, I’ll lend them that Penny, charge interest and it will turn into Pounds… wah hah harr… money lenders joined in the Christmas spirit!

4. Banks saw they could broker that lending by giving preferable interest rates to those with the largest balances (corporations) and charge a higher interest, generating them significant profits, to those businesses (smes) that needed a few extra pounds to pay Tiny Tim’s wages.

5. Angel investors, learning from the banks but interested in playing a shorter more rewarding game, offered to fund, where the banks were nervous to tread, an entrepreneurs vision in exchange for his soul & 50% of the sale after 5 years…

6. Then came the Internet… social media began to grow… people gathered with like minds in online networks and communities began to thrive… power to the people!

7. Crowd Funding was born… once again, friends could help a friend or even a stranger… giving them a few pounds, in exchange for a simple gift to help them on their way… HURRAH!

8. BUT there is a small catch… you have to completely believe in what you are proposing… any black spots on your soul will be easily seen… you have to be a jolly good sort to WIN fair maidens heart & her favour 😉

9. You’ll need to get your story straight… that means writing words on a blog… that means shooting videos… that means a lot of hard work… requiring a positive mental attitude…

10. Take a look at this TED talk by Amanda Palmer, she raised £1.2m on Kickstarter

11. Those MILLION POUND projects don’t just happen over night… it takes time & the right energy to build your crowd so that they will support you in your time of need.

12. Pop over and join our crowd over at and you can start the process… just listen to others talk a while… review some projects and then when you are ready, we’ll help you build your crowd funding campaign, giving it the best chance of success. Your family, friends & the local community can join in… as they did in the old days… and the earth turns full circle 😉

Now about Christmas… how about helping feed a few older people this Yuletide? £300 has been raised on & offline… just a few more contributions and we are there…

christmas lunch at spencer denney centre

Thank you.


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