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Crowd Funding your dreams

We’ve launched 2 Christmas charity crowd funding campaigns, a National 3D Printer project (starting in Wokingham) and put the call our for a corporate family fun day so we need to showcase an individual or two!

First up, Charlotte Wilkinson who won her second World Championship GOLD Medal a few months ago… made sense to bring a campaign together that could facilitate a possible 3rd GOLD Medal in 2015 with a little help from her friend 😉


What is the Project?
Charlotte Wilkinson loved Judo as a youngster, competing most weekends working her way up to winning national medals by her mid-teens, but always just falling short of the senior British squad.

Life moves on and she left Judo and settled into family life with two beautiful children, putting on a few pounds along the way. Re-entering the sport later on in life she re found her love for it and her competitive streak. Stepping back on the mat for the first time in eight years was both terrifying and exhilarating, providing the motivation to get back in shape and truly achieve something for herself.

Recently, at the end of September 2014 Charlotte won her 2nd World Veteran’s Judo Championship GOLD Medal!

What a great story and one that she is happy to share… it could inspire other working parents to achieve their own ambitions and be that inspiration for their children.

Charlotte can only get to the Worlds with help from sponsorship and with careful budgeting. Entering high level competitions in the UK and possibly abroad would be beneficial for future success at the World & European Championships.

While her job requires her to sell the services of her employer, coaching on giving large group presentations would be really useful… so membership of a speakers club would help her inspire more working parents.

What does she Need?

All contributions will be used towards making Charlotte better at judo or speaking.

Joining a Speaker’s club cost approx £250

Entrance fees & travel for UK competitions cost around £200 each

World’s / European’s competitions: cheap flights & accommodation booked well in advance means tournament comes in at around £500 each.

Thank you.


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