Your Bathroom And Using Lighting In It

Lighting plays an important role in our lives and in our homes. There are many ways in which one can take advantage of lighting effects for creating a cozy and charming atmosphere in your bathroom. Lighting can be the final touch to an impressive bathroom fitting and design, therefore it should always be taken into consideration by architects and interior designers.

Light and Shade

Sometimes you need your bathroom to be full of bright light, so that you can do your makeup in the best conditions. If your light is dim, you may think you did a great make up job, only to realise you look quite bad when you arrive at your destination. Some other times, you need a very low lighting, so that you can enjoy a relaxing, hot bath in a romantic atmosphere with candle lights and champagne glasses. All these lead to the conclusion that installing a dimmer lighting system in your bathroom is one of the best ideas. It will allow you choose the lighting intensity according to your mood or to the occasion.

Hotel Glam

The Kassandra Bay Hotel Executive Junior Suites bathroomIt’s nice to have natural lighting in your bathroom, if this is possible. If not, you can still enjoy some natural-like lighting effects by using fixtures with translucent glass and brass or chrome finishes. It is always a good idea to match the lighting fixtures with the overall style of your bathroom. If you put modern lighting in a classic decor, the effect will be a bit strange and not necessarily pleasant to the eye. If your bathroom decor is in the lovely retro style, do yourself a service and choose the lights in accordance with this atmosphere.

Coloured lighting is another feature that can create amazing effects in your bathroom. This can go very well with a minimalist or neutral design. Such lights will add a little colour to the otherwise basic decor and will create the illusion of additional space.

The Importance of Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors should be both functional and decorative. Although you may be fine with a small and simple mirror, you should consider enhancing the beauty of your space by installing huge mirrors with integrated lighting that can create an absolutely stunning ambient in your very bathroom. Always think that everything in your bathroom needs to be highly functional and practical, not only decorative. You can choose whatever kind of mirror suits best your other decorations, but you always need to make sure you can have enough lighting for things like making up, doing your hair or fixing your eyebrows.

If you can’t use your bathroom for grooming yourself, soon you are going to be frustrated, even though all your guests will be impressed with the way your bathroom looks. Make the lights work to your advantage, so that you can be satisfied with the end result and have a comfortable house, good to spend time inside.

For advice on lighting and so much more, visit Stone and Chrome’s bathroom showrooms in Camberley, Surrey – a great way to start your journey to a great bathroom.

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