Having Fun with a Bistro Kitchen

The bistro kitchen is slowly making a comeback. With many top name magazines and forums giving this kitchen much attention, chances are it will be the next big thing.

“A bistro kitchen is mainly designed in a café style that runs back to the 19th century” explains Julian Robinson, the kitchen designer at Planen. “It has long been used in French cafeterias though many homeowners are now embracing it in their homes. Bistro kitchens are composed of vintage elements and marble floor tiles to make it look magnificent.”

Kitchen wall colors

Picturing a bistro kitchen brings out an illumination of black and white floors, which can be replaced with wooden floorings. One important thing about these kitchens is that, you can choose to have the kitchen walls painted white, so as to give it a clean backdrop for posters. Hanging on the walls should be black cabinets ideally placed to increase its storage capacity and free space. In addition to all these, pendant lights can be used to increase the kitchen’s visual appeal and value as well. The type of color shade used in the kitchen also dictates how big or small it will look like.

Wooden chairs

This can be termed as the signature in bistro kitchens. Almost every bistro kitchen has a wooden chair painted black and white. Most of these chairs have a slatted back for leaning on, which can also be used to compliment the floor tiles and colors as well. While designing this vintage kitchen, you can use the vast array of ideas at your disposal, like say have a bar stool to be used around the kitchen counter.

Marble countertops

Marble countertops bring out a natural appeal in every kitchen. These countertops are highly valuable in many homes and kitchens as they are robust and can withstand intense temperatures and weight. Cleaning the countertop is also very easy, as it does not absorb moisture or even fats. Any oil spill can be wiped away without needed extra cleaning methods. Marble countertops especially venation and Carrera are the most preferred ones to use in bistro kitchens. Although they may be expensive, one can use alternatives such as cutting boards made of marble to bring out the marble effect.

Chic chalkboards

Chic chalkboards are considered to be the main attraction in most French cafés. Although they were commonly used for menu display purposes in cafés, these can be used in your kitchen to incorporate bistro kitchen’s design. One can even go farther and have a painting representing the chic chalkboard to hang in the kitchen as well. This helps bring out an intense backlash idea in the kitchen thus making it even more attractive.


Including some excellent vintage artwork in the kitchen is a great way of improving its visual appeal. Bistro kitchens are all about making use of good olden tools to make a modern kitchen look amazing and lively. You can create an authentic bistro appeal by using vintage posters of food being served or a theatre show of the same. This should however be in line with what you have always been aspiring to have in your kitchen.

Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel makes up the most attracting and durable appliances used in kitchens today. The good thing about stainless steel is that, it does help boost the kitchens look and feel as its shiny surface compliments the kitchen’s white background and paintings. Aside from using stainless steel appliances, you can go a step farther to use countertops and other accessories made of stainless steel as well. This will also help enhance the kitchen’s chrome appeal.

Another way of improving the kitchen’s appeal is by using cake stands, herb pots and cookbooks all placed in display. Designing a bistro kitchen should be fun especially if you are full of ideas. You can also borrow some ideas from kitchen magazines, kitchen websites and handbooks on the same as well.

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