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Crowd Funding our way into 2015

The last time I was this excited about the start of a New Year was 2005, when our email marketing service ignited, that was 10 years ago!

Crowd Funding as we know it today started around 2006, by 2009 there were over 50 platforms and around $1 billion was being raised. 2013 saw a 10 fold increase in platforms with $8,000,000,000 flowing through to businesses, communities & individuals looking to raise money for their great ideas. Estimates for 2015 will see 1,000 platforms and close to $16 billion being raised across the globe.

CrowdPatch is one of the new kids on the block… last year was about building the platform which is taking shape nicely. This year we’re looking to make new friends… so we need to make ourselves more attractive by offering one or two things that others are not…

• How about 0% fees for using the platform? How jolly decent of us!
• And a social media platform on which visitors can engage with project owners & those looking to start projects can sound out the crowd!

Building up to Christmas 2014 we ran a couple of community projects, a Christmas party for poorly children & Christmas lunches for Windsor’s older people with the greatest success being achieved with our crowd funding 3D Printer project for Forest School.

So to get 2015 off to the best start my diary will have the following feel about it…

Monday’s focus will be on Corporations… introducing High Wycombe Rotary Clubs Dragon Boat race and discussing how else we might help them achieve various corporate goals for 2015.

Tuesday will be about talking to schools about raising funds for 3D printers… great for the imagination of our youth, inspiring them to achieve amazing things in the future.

Wednesday I’ll be spending time at GROW @ Green Park, Reading talking to those innovating new ideas and looking for ways to fund their inception / growth…

Thursday… Thursday is about helping celebrities get a project off the ground… we help them manage their crowd… give them a platform on which to develop ideas more easily…

Friday and networking is the focus, bringing people together to share ideas on how to make the most of campaigns for the benefit of all.

So if any of the above resonates with you and you’d like to discuss ideas further, or you know of people who could benefit from crowd funding then please make contact / connect us…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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