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Developing your social media networks 2015

Happy New Year… 2015 is set to be an exciting year as we pick our most effective social media channels and get those conversations rolling…

I’ll be looking to drive conversations about crowd funding over at Crowd Patch, please accept this invitation to join us over at the Berkshire Patch.

I’ll also be pushing out up to four blogs each day, depending on what’s happening on my channels…

9am will be a GOOD MORNING email from me about whatever is on my mind!

11am CROWD FUNDING will dominate the topic of the blog, feeding off news around our own projects or wider afield giving insight into the market place.

1pm and it will be time to share something that’s happening from the Business in Berkshire LINKEDIN Group… a discussion that is igniting will be flown in for your viewing pleasure.

3pm time for a SPONSORED news story to find its way to your mailbox, should you be subscribed to the

Around this I will be aiming to spend more time on Twitter in 2015. Word can travel mighty quick via that social media channel and there are interesting things you can do to gather a crowd and focus a conversation around a specific topic for the benefit of all who are tuned in.

This is a grown up way to use Twitter and so focused weekly topics will be order of the day… I’ll be working up a weekly crowd chat around crowd funding, probably on a Tuesday early evening UK time so our cousins from across the pond can join in.

Tune in via your preferred channels and please join in the conversations as they are happening in real time because tomorrow is a new dawn 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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