king john seals the magna carta

So what do you know about Magna Carta?

Got a call from my mum yesterday morning because there’s a programme on Radio 4, 9:00 – 9:30 this week talking about Magna Carta

And as my father-in-law told me, the illustrator of the picture, he was a real *hit that King John and the Magna Carta was the first step in bringing him & other kings into line as well as the foundations of UK Law as we know it today. Enjoy the general humour of the picture above & for the keen eyed, there is also so historic irony… if you know what it is, please add a comment below and there will be a prize for the brightest amongst us 😉

With this being the 800th year I’m interested to know more and have already signed up for the online course below… you should do too if you want to be a little wiser on the topic…

If you are looking at hosting an event around Magna Carta and would like to discuss how crowd funding might help then be sure to give me a nudge.

Dear All,

Royal Holloway University has a free online course about Magna Carta which starts on the 12th January.

Please register and promote to those within your organisations / networks.

This course is for anyone who would like to find out about Magna Carta in its 13th century context and the changing and varied ways in which it has been used as an argument for social change over the centuries.

To find out more or sign up please visit:

Kind regards,

Magna Carta Surrey & RBWM Partnership
Runnymede North Lodge
Windsor Road

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