When does it stop being New Year?

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When do you stop saying “Happy New Year”? Is it OK to keep saying it throughout this week, this month? When is it no longer “New Year”? I never know when to stop saying it or writing it in emails. What’s your guidance?

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Phil Shipperlee FIoD

Phil Shipperlee FIoD
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I tend to say it (spoken and e-mail) for a week or so and will probably stop after this Friday.

Lynne EmblingLynne Embling
Director at Global Incentives Ltd

Happy New Year! Will probably let the greeting fizzle out within a couple of weeks, depending very much on who I am speaking to. Friends and family, probably spoken to them within the first couple of days, colleagues within the first week back and clients – 3 weeks max if I haven’t spoken to them earlier – and very much dependent on how well I know them.

Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
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Isn’t it great to be back…

Great question Graham but then I’d expect nothing less… I guess I say it when I remember but if I’m busy then I’ll probably forget… I even started with HNY this year… so by next year it’ll be hny 😉

Best go post this on the blog as the first BinB LinkedIn Group story of the year… 1PM it’ll fly out with a few extra words but not a lot… aim is to keep my life simple while helping as many as possible to get wider exposure… that way when I ask for a little help those that think of me fondly will step up… those that think I’m a whatsit will go whatever and turn a blind eye… either way they’re not ignoring me 😉

Running a little later than planned due to polishing code above to make it look nice… must find and easier way… 20 mins that took! And obviously if you want to be part of future stories then you need to post on the group.

Thank you.

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