Do you want to be a WINNER?

slough business awards

To be a winner you have to enter the game… today’s game is the Slough Business Awards 2015… your name should be on one of those trophies!

Everyone thinks they are never going to win… well you certainly can’t if you don’t fill in the form… and when you do it feels fantastic… just being nominated feels good but WINNING… bish bash bosh… bloody good for the ego… all things in moderation… you’re allowed to blow your own trumpet once a year… new UK rule 😉

Talking to Rafiq on Monday and he could do with a few more entries in the Innovation, High Growth & Female Entrepreneur categories… now I get folks shyness to enter but that last one… give me a break!

I have a few companies in mind and have asked one if they’d like to be nominated, another I will be talking to today & a third in the latter category should be Allison Dodd.

Allison doddAllison & Alec have done a great job of building up a ever increasing number of business shows across the UK. Starting in Windsor, this year’s programme looks like this:

THAMES VALLEY EXPO – Reading – (Green Park – Reading) 19th March 2015 (Launch Event)
• THAMES VALLEY EXPO – Windsor – (Windsor Racecourse) 25th June 2015
• SOUTH WEST EXPO – Swindon (Steam Museum) 24th September 2015
• MIDLANDS EXPO – Birmingham (Aston Villa FC) 12th November
• NORTH WEST EXPO – Manchester (Venue TBC) 3rd December (Launch Event)

allison and alec business show newbury

Rafiq, I nominate Allison Dodd for Female Entrepreneur, call her on 0845 289 4634.

That’s all that Rafiq needs… doesn’t need war & peace… a quick note saying the name of the company and who to contact initially so he can extract the story in real time… nice and simple…

Email him & be quick about it rafiq@enbright.co.uk

Thank you.


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