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Don’t miss the boat on this Summer Fun

Dragonboat Snaps Fairfield Tractors

The Dragon Boat Challenge is set to be the flagship summer event that any top employer would want their employees to be part of…

One where sports clubs from across the county will be sending the best 15 athletes to try and take the mantel away from the current champions Fairfield Tractors!

And CrowdPatch are on hand to take the pain out of raising your sponsorship monies…

To hire Dorney Lake, where Olympians compete… the Dragon Boat company… and oodles of free entertainment costs High Wycombe Rotary Club a pretty penny! Plus a sharing of additional sponsorship funds with this year’s chosen charities requires each crew to find £745… but when you break this down between 15 crew members, it’s only £50 each… 5 mates, £10 each, job done and a great day out for all the family.

CrowdPatch provides a platform for each boat to attract a crew and a generous crowd of well wishers & sponsors.

yolanda dragon boat in lane 3 racing

We need 36 crews and I’ve set myself a personal target of finding 10 of those crews to join in… many of those from previous years will be signing up… it’s just too much fun to miss 😉

Already this week 4 people have said they’ll skipper a dragon boat… just need to find me 6 more positively minded, competitive leaders of wo/men and I can then switch focus on helping my skippers find 15 people and raise a ton of cash for some jolly good causes…

You in? Let me know before you miss the boat… tee-hee…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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